Batman #28 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Feb 13, 2014

The creative team needed more time to get the planned issue #28 to press. This was the solution.

The Good

If you're reading the pantheon of Batman books, there's some stuff in this book that's going get you excited. Set sometime in the Gotham's future, identified only as "soon" the police are violently enforcing an 8 p.m. curfew for reasons alluded to in conversation, "people are dying," but largely left unexplained. Make of it what you will. Along with Harper Row, Batman breaks into Gotham's last operating nightclub, run by none other than Selina Kyle. After a few pages of gunplay, and martial arts (the standard stuff) Selina calls her security off and the cliffhanger ending is what's Selina has in her vault.

The Not So Good

Now I said if you were reading the all the Batman books there's something to enjoy here. But if you're more of a "just Batman" reader or a casual follower, you're going to want to pass this one over. Zero Year is supposed to be great place for new readers to come in, and this is absolutely not that. It is a collection of references to things that will happen, are happening in other books, or have happened earlier. Taken on it's own, you get a firefight without much frame of reference (this is in the future, remember) and then it's over. Actually it's not over. To pad the length of the book there is a sneak peak of American Vampire.

The Bottom Line

I firmly believe that story is king and taken on its own Batman 28 is not a story in any sense. Whatever value it has as part of the larger D.C. universe it's almost nothing on it's own, little more than a "coming attractions" flyer that you pay for. The inclusion of the American Vampire preview almost makes the book worse because you're still expecting a half a dozen more pages for the issue to go somewhere. Are there going to be people who disagree with me? Many and vocally. That’s fine. But this issue feels strongly like the title is holding up the content rather than the other way around.

1.0 / 5
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Batman #28
Released February 12, 2014
Writer Scott Snyder
Artist Greg Capullo
Cover Artist Greg Capullo

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