Minimum Wage #1 Review

by @DocBenway on Jan 10, 2014

Fingerman’s return to Long Island and the remarkably honest world of Minimum Wage is a welcome addition to Image’s ever-growing stable of comic book studs.

The Good

After reading this one it’s hard to avoid sounding like a mouth-breathing fanboy. Before gushing about the book, I need a couple of sentences to give kudos to Image for putting this one out. Although Image is technically an independent publisher, this is book looks and feels like a really, really independent book. It is impressive that they would get behind a project like this one. Bob Fingerman is an amazing talent and lost none of his edginess. His dialog is sharp, but not so clever or overthought to puncture the believability membrane. Fingerman drops us into the practically-divorced reality of Rob Hoffman, a man-boy shuffling through the fog of learning to live without someone he shouldn’t have been with in the first place. I enjoyed every moment of Rob’s adjustment to the impact of the internet on his life: notably online dating and threat of digital pornography to his adult cartooning career. This is more than a realistic portrait. It rings of an honesty that is rarely found in main stream books. What of the art work you ask? Fingerman’s pencils are more cartoon than modern comic and the combination of steel blue with traditional black and white shading adds tremendous depth to each panel. Buy this book. Buy one for a friend. Let this industry know we know a good thing when we see it.

The Not So Good

I have nothing. Nada. Nothing to complain about or to wish for. I even love the lettering . Okay… racking my brains… got to have something to say that I didn’t like…. Ah, I got it. Time for the critic’s classic cop-out: this book is not for the squeamish. The humor is raw. This is a depiction of how real people interact with each other and sometimes they aren’t politically correct, socially aware or kind. This isn’t one to read with the kids. If witty discussions between semi-fictional dudes about female nether regions would trouble your modern sensibilities, then I suggest leaving this one on the shelf.

The Bottom Line

Fingerman has outdone himself. This book is raw, alternately hilarious and depressing, hopeful and forlorn and most of all honest. Get on board now so you can be cooler than your hipster friends (unless your hipster friends are too hipster to read a book with more production value than a photocopied fanzine).

4.8 / 5
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Minimum Wage #1
Released January 8, 2014
Writer Bob Fingerman
Artist Bob Fingerman
Cover Artist Bob Fingerman

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