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Sep 21, 2021   In this blog, I will debate two books. Which is the better long-term investment going forward? Let’s pit Tales of Suspense #39 against Fantastic Four #5 and see who comes out on… The post Who ya Got? Tales of Suspense #39 vs Fantastic Four #5 appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 20, 2021   There’s GOLD in them thar Bronze Age.  And when talking about Dark Knight artist Marshall Rogers, there’s a double meaning.  Writer Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers combined on typewriter and Bristol paper… The post Dark Knight Artist Marshall Rogers: The Golden Bronze Age appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 20, 2021   Both the gaming and comic world are buzzing over Venom’s cameo in the Spider-Man 2 trailer, and it will have market repercussions for these three issues. It took decades to pull off,… The post Spider-Man 2 PS5 Fallout: Harry Osborn and Venom Keys appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 19, 2021   Two books have declined precipitously and fallen from the Copper Age Top 100.  This usually indicates a hit to the bottom line of profit in purged books.  Aliens #1 and Wolverine #1… The post Copper Age Top 100 Purge: Aliens #1 & Wolverine #1 appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 19, 2021   How do we figure out what comics are good investments? Amazing Spider-Man #300? It’s a buy. Incredible Hulk #181? Grab it. Strange Academy #1? Definitely. These are all Key Investments in the… The post Strange Academy #1 – An Obvious Buy. appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 18, 2021   The X-Men fans rejoiced at the Wolverine PS5 trailer, and the reactions sent collectors on a spending spree for anything that might be connected to the game. Let’s take a look at… The post Comic Trends & Oddballs: X-Men, Spider-Clones, Super Mario appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 17, 2021   The hot gossip is that the Heroes for Hire will make a return to the MCU. Here’s your shopping list in case the rumors pan out. It seems like just yesterday that… The post Heroes for Hire Back in the MCU? appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 16, 2021   Between What If…? and the Spider-Man 2 game trailer, the secondary market was put on alert this week. Surprisingly, three holy grail keys from the Silver Age ranked among the biggest movers… The post Hottest Comics for 9/16: Holy Grails, Batman! appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 16, 2021   OK, so Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Lucky the Pizza Dog all debut on the new Disney+ show, which is scheduled to land at the end of November, 2021.  Several of Kate Bishop’s… The post Kate Bishop Hawkeye Spec Revisited appeared first on GoCollect.

Sep 15, 2021   Killmonger returned in the latest What If…?, rewriting Marvel’s cinematic history and laying the groundwork for Shuri to become Black Panther. Here’s a look at what might be hot after What If…?… The post What If…? Episode #6: the Rise of Shuri and Pepper appeared first on GoCollect.

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