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Jun 12, 2021   Conan quietly conquered the Hottest Comics this week, but a relic of the 1990s walked away with the Oddball of the Week Award in today’s Trends & Oddballs. In modern terms, it’s… The post Trends & Oddballs: Conan, Throg, and Ren & Stimpy appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 12, 2021   I don’t know what Asgardian Bifrost I’ve been hiding under.  But my kids had to tell me that Loki debuted on Disney Plus on June 9th.  Like Thor banished to the planet… The post Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+ appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 11, 2021   What was once a $900 average comic book just last year, now is $2,000 +/- according to recent sales on GoCollect.  As we already know, DC Comics Presents #47 is the 1st… The post 1 COMIC, 2 AUCTIONS: DC COMICS PRESENTS #47 appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 10, 2021   A new Marvel show equals new contenders for this week’s Hottest Comics, but a surprising X-Men issue leapt into the top spot. The power of the MCU was felt in two entries… The post Hottest Comics: X-23, Man-Wolf, and Static appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 10, 2021   It’s no surprise to you, the GoCollect reader, that the collectibles market is booming right now. Whether it’s a combination of more disposable income, more free time in the last year, a… The post Interview with Rally Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Rob Petrozzo appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 9, 2021   Loki helped the Temple of Tuck move into the black this week instead of just treading water. What did I do with my imaginary money? Invest in more Loki, of course.  LAST… The post Fantasy Investing: Low-Key Loki Profits appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 9, 2021   As we all know, MCU shows on Disney+ has served as a catalyst for the comic book collecting community. Loki will be no different, and neither will Loki keys. Below are the… The post Loki Keys: FMV Shakers and Sleepers appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 8, 2021   A Tom Brady rookie card sells for over $3 million, and the Declaration of Independence itself is about to become the hottest NFT in the world. Here’s your weekly Auction & Collecting… The post Auction & Collecting News Roundup 6/8/21 appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 8, 2021   While Adam Warlock’s Silver & Bronze Age keys offer potential long-term spec rewards, is there another Warlock we should be looking at now? Buying the Dip May 13th, 2015 was the start… The post Should We All Be Investing in That Other Warlock? appeared first on GoCollect.

Jun 7, 2021   Why has ASM #298 fallen out of favor when Venom trailers are hitting YouTube? Does this represent a buying opportunity? Triple keys are usually a solid investment. They provide some security with… The post Modern Age Top 200 Purge: ASM #298 and #299 appeared first on GoCollect.

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