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Trumps Titans Vs Mandela Effect #1 (Cover D Fake News Variant)

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Keenspot Entertainment
Store Date
February 28, 2018
Cover Price
John Barron
Shawn Remulac
Cover Artist
Shawn Remulac
Issue Notes
President Donald J. Trump is now the most powerful superhero in the universe and the leader of the greatest super team in history - but for how long? History is quickly being changed by something called The Mandela Effect; the universe is being Berenstained! All the things we remember are now slightly different - the way names are spelled, the way company logos look, and even scenes from Star Wars and James Bond movies! The Mandela Effect is the greatest threat our country has ever known, and only President Trump can stop it! Trump's Titans return in an all-new #1, because #4s are for losers!
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