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Daughters Of The Dark Oracle #2 (Bloodbath Variant)

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American Mythology Productions
Store Date
April 26, 2017
Cover Price
Mike Wolfer
Mike Wolfer
Cover Artist
Mike Wolfer
Issue Notes
Mike Wolfer's cult, erotic horror comic series is now at American Mythology Productions! To celebrate this occasion, we're presenting a very special 'Bloodbath Variant' of 'Orgy of the Vampires' #2, previously published by Mike Wolfer Entertainment. While the vampire Countess Bathory begins a reign of terror in a small, Carpathian village, the Frankenstein's monster-like Ragdoll awakens from a century-long hibernation, but will her quest be one of blood-thirsty revenge or simple survival? 'Orgy of the Vampires' #2 contains a full 26 pages of story, featuring the sensual thrills and gut-ripping, gothic horror that Wolfer's fans have come to expect. Prepare yourself now for May's release of the all-new, world premiere of 'Orgy of the Vampires' #3!
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