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Starring Sonya Devereaux #2 (Horror Homage Cover)

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American Mythology Productions
Store Date
January 18, 2017
Cover Price
Todd Livingston
Brendon Fraim
Cover Artist
Brendon Fraim
Issue Notes
Hollywood's 306th best actress is B-movie scream queen Sonya Devereaux, whose career is made up entirely of low budget, straight to DVD movies - the kind you find in the bargain bin at the grocery store. In this issue: 'Vampire Academy 4': The Elizabeth Bathory Academy for Girls is one of the country's foremost schools for prepping teenaged vampiresses for un-life out in the world. The final exam: Hunt a victim! But Elsbeth (Sonya Devereaux) has fallen in love with hers and must decide between saving her BAE or her GPA. And can she do it before she and her classmates are caught by the world's best hunter of young, female vampires?
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