Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #4 (Fabry Pencils Variant)

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Dark Horse
Store Date
October 26, 2016
Cover Price
John Layman
Chris Mooneyham
Cover Artist
Glenn Fabry
Issue Notes
Road trip! The mad, gene-splicing scientist Dr. Reinst?t is having the best summer ever as he hits the road toward Mega-City One. He's got a sweet ride: a stolen Predator ship! He's got his new BFF, the murderous Archbishop Emoji, riding shotgun. And he's got snacks . . . or maybe he is a snack . . . for his homegrown crew of xenomorphs. Spoilsport Judge Dredd and his killjoy Predator friends are hot on their tail, trying to ruin everyone's fun, but Dr. Reinst?t has a secret weapon that will keep the party going. Until the end of time! Which might be tomorrow, if Reinst?t has his way. Either way, it's going to be a killer time.
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