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Three Stooges Stoogeapalooza #2 (Sub Wrap Cover)

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American Mythology Productions
Store Date
June 29, 2016
Cover Price
S.A. Check
Brendon Fraim
Cover Artist
Blank Sketch Cover
Issue Notes
We're throwing a party - a Stooge-A-Palooza - for all the fans of the original Three Stooges! In this oversized issue we have brand new comic laughs, classic tales from the golden age, and a Stooge-ton of original content! We're bringing you all the chuckles and guffaws you love from The Boys and paying homage to the comedy legends with behind the scenes interviews with Stooge family members, candid pictures, and fans from all over the world. This issue has no ads - it is 100% stuffed with Stooges! The Stooges influenced generations of comic book creators and now lifelong fans have a chance to contribute to their legacy with these new slapstick adventures. If you are tired of the same old humdrum comics week-in and week-out, try out The Three Stooges and enjoy laughing at their timeless antics!
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