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Devils Due /1first Comics, Llc
Store Date
April 13, 2016
Cover Price
Mike Baron
Val Mayerik
Cover Artist
Bill Reinhold
Issue Notes
The discovery of a perfectly preserved mammoth in a Russian glacier causes a worldwide frenzy as Vladimir Putin auctions the meat. Badger, Ham, and Daisy head to a castle high in the Urals where Putin parades the reluctant scientists who found the mammoth, including the beautiful Vietnamese researcher Mavis, Badger risks Putin's wrath by springing her from his control. Putin considers himself a greater wizard than Ham, and will stop at nothing to acquire Badger's services. Or failing that, kill him. Standard cover by Badger fan-fave Bill Reinhold! Retailer Incentive Variant cover by crepuscular Kelley Jones!
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2 Variants