Perhapanauts Second Chances #1 (10 Copy Rousseau Unlocked Cover B)

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Scout Comics
Store Date
June 9, 2021
Cover Price
Todd DeZago
Craig Rousseau
Cover Artist
Craig Rousseau
Issue Notes
Black Caravan imprint: BIGFOOT! El CHUPACABRA! The MOTHMAN! GHOSTS! The world may be growing smaller every day, but there are dark and terrible things still out there in the woods, shadowy corners full of mystery and dread. Who else are you going to send out to investigate? ---- The PERHAPANAUTS! Our intrepid Heroes travel back in time to investigate one of the most incredible events in paranormal history - Only to find that The FLATWOODS MONSTER is much more than anyone imagined! Enjoy the first issue of this NON-STOP! title followed by the entire story collected soon after in one volume. Retailer Incentives: Retailers purchasing ten copies of Cover A (1:10) of PERHAPANAUTS will unlock unlimited orders of Cover B by Craig Rousseau. Please reach out to your CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.
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