The Amazing Spider-Man #700.2 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Dec 16, 2013

After far too long Peter Parker is back in the spandex and what better way to welcome him home than by crippling all of NYC?

The Good

Peter Parker. I’ll say that again, Peter Parker. He’s back. Sure he was back in the last issue too but it takes more than one issue for me to be over his back-ness. And I know they did a thing with him in Marvel Knights but that wasn’t very good and didn’t feel like the Peter Parker I grew up with. Like many, Spider-Man was my first and for a long time, my only super hero. So when they killed Peter and had Doc Ock take over I had a nerd tantrum and refused to entertain any ideas of enjoying Superior Spider-Man. "You may have been a Superior Spider-Man but you’ll never be a superior Peter Parker," I would say out loud to fictional people, in public. I could go on but I’ll get the actual book now.

It’s part two of The Frost: NYC is shutdown in snow, Peter is on the brink of exhaustion and up in Forest Hills Aunt May has collapsed. There’s no villain in the book except for the weather and the conflict is the very human strain Peter feels as he’s trying to make his way to Aunt May, He senses she’s in danger but he can’t seem to go a block without being flagged down to save someone else from disaster. The clock is against him and the internal conflict of sacrificing a personal life for others is Classic Spider-Man.

The Not So Good

Skip to The Bottom Line to avoid spoilers as this section Contains Spoilers! As thrilled as I am to have Peter back, I needed something to be at stake for him. Aunt May collapses at the end of 700.1 but come on, we both knew she would be fine. They’re not going to bring Peter back in 700.1 then kill Aunt May in the very next issue. There’s also a lack of the campy humor that had drawn me to Spider-Man in the first place. It’s not that Spider-Man is darker since being dead. 700.2 is just the story of the crummy day when Peter Parker was really tired and things were harder than usual but worked out all the same, like you knew they would and nothing changed. I suppose that means my major complaint is that it felt too sitcom-y but I guess that’s sort of the nature of Spider-Man.

The Bottom Line

Peter Parker is back, which thrills me to no end and though I’m demanding a lot from this issue it’s because Spider-Man has such a long history and a lot to live up to. Is it a knock out? No. But it is a good welcome back to life Peter book. And I promise no more exclaiming, "Peter’s back!" from now on.

3.8 / 5
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The Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
Released December 11, 2013
Writer David Morrell
Artist Klaus Janson
Cover Artist Pasqual Ferry

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