Protectors, Inc. #1 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Dec 15, 2013

An army of superheroes without so much as a singer super-villain or criminal-mastermind between them has to find some way to pass the time. Think the Justice League meets professional sports.

The Good

Protectors, Inc. #1 establishes the back-story of The Protectors, a group super-powered individuals that began popping up during WW2 and continued to appear, primarily in the United States, continuously after the war. Detective Riley, a man with a cynical view of the heroes, narrates the story, telling the origin of The Patriot, the first of the heroes, from a foxhole in France then what life is like with the Heroes living in America’s major cities.

The story is slow burn kind of read. It doesn’t jump up and grab you but takes your interest and holds it through the length of the book. Much of that comes from the dry, clinical telling by Riley and the twist on the traditional superhero story. He is not in awe of the heroes. Nor is he particularly hard on them. He presents himself as mostly apathetic, bordering on disinterested.

The Art is clean with strong emphasis on facial expressions and clear emotions that adds another layer to the story. So much the story’s emotional weight is carried in the characters faces and the art conveys it so well that text boxes would only serve as a distraction. There is no major antagonist in this first issue but given that it covers the events of more than fifty years in just a few pages it works fine.

The Not So Good

Honestly there isn’t much to critique here. The names of the heroes in The Protectors, are a little generic (Mr. America, The Huntsman, The Blade, The Predator) but seeing as most of them are only mentioned in passing and are being set up as background characters they get a pass on their blandness for now.

The Bottom Line

This book didn’t blow me away but I’m still really happy with it. It feels like they have a plan for where they’re taking the story and they did a good job of getting it started. If you want to read a different type of superhero book, this is fun one. I’ll definitely be picking up issue 2.

4.0 / 5
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Protectors, Inc. #1
Released November 6, 2013
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