Inhumanity Awakening #1 Review

The secret Inhumans of the Marvel Universe have been exposed to the Terrigen mist and very soon they will be reborn with strange and dangerous powers.

The Good

I love the Inhumans and all the mystery that surrounded their origins and society. Over the years most of the mystery has been exposed with so many OMG! moments that I have lost count. In yet another OMG Inhuman moment the Terrigen mist have been released on Earth and many "humans" are learning of their true inhuman lineage which leads directly into this comic book. The roster of heroes in this book are taken from the younger X-Men and Avenger's Academy students which is something these characters need if they are ever going to achieve the level of popularity and interest of older Marvel characters.

The Not So Good

There is so much wrong with this book I hardly know where to begin. I absolutely hate the use of hashtags and facebook/twitter pics as a narrative device, it just comes off as the writers trying too hard to be hip and topical. I also hate the art, which features very ugly, and not in a good way, characters and backgrounds. The story of a young teen learning she has strange powers, in this case Fiona learning she has turned into some sort of bird like creature, then getting ostracized and feared has been done to death by Marvel in the X-Men books so it loses any impact it once had. Another point of contention is the fact that some of the "pictures" taken by the emerging Inhuman seem unlikely to have been taken or posted online in a real life situation without government intervention. A few even seem unlikely due to what is happening in the picture, in other words how does one take pictures of bullies ripping feathers out of your arm as you are being held down. Lastly, the "character" of Super Troll 10k is used to highlight the problem of cyber bullies, but honestly he would have been blocked by Fiona after several of his nasty comments.

The Bottom Line

Despite being part of the Inhumanity event taking place in Marvel comics, I don't see anything in this book being important to the overall event. I highly recommend you save your money and pick up something much better than this lackluster book.

2.0 / 5
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Inhumanity Awakening #1
Released December 11, 2013
Writer Matt Kindt
Artist Paul Davidson
Cover Artist Jorge Molina

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