Alex + Ada #1 Review

by @jwebbjwebb on Nov 12, 2013

On the one-year anniversary of an artificial intelligence massacre we meet Alex and he’s feeling a little heart-broken and lonely.

The Good

It’s a sunny day in Bethesda, Maryland and Alex is slowly waking up to his automated futuristic world. Over the first few pages of exposition we discover that Alex’s world is a lot simpler and in many ways much more complex than ours. Robotics and android technology have permeated society leaving some, like our main character, indifferent while others are more skeptical of the new technologies that have been incorporated into their lives. I immediately was hooked into Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn’s tale of a man recovering from a romantic breakup. As we meet the character Alex the viewpoint is somber however by the books end we get to visit characters that provide context and comic relief. The pervy “Grandma” character in particular is rather insightful into the pleasures that come with store bought android sex slaves.

The Not So Good

It’s a tad slow and the book is a bit predictable in its setup. Not to say that this is a bad thing but for a number one issue I wanted more of a surprise. Shocker…there is an end reveal and it is exactly who you think it is. Getting to the end of the book you meet a lot of characters where not much is invested. Why do we need to know these people? I’m sure time will tell. In one series of panels we discover it is Alex’s birthday and at his surprise party a character drunkenly cock-blocks him and Alex doesn’t even get mad! Who is this drunk and why be so passive when the girl you were talking to is definitely interested? One minor complaint I had with the story is as futuristic and enticing this tale is maybe a date on a newspaper or context that describes, “how we got to here, this date, etc.” wouldn’t be a bad thing. I have no doubt we will discover more by issue two of the series.

The Bottom Line

Alex + Ada is a fun read from beginning to end. The art is simple but yet engrossing. Luna allows the emotions of his characters to speak through their eyes. A raised eyebrow here, a slanted eye there and you know what the character is thinking without the use of telepathic implants, which many of the characters employ. It may not be the most thrilling book but there is a hint that with more to come this world Luna and Vaughn have created could be downright scary. The best way to sum it up is you want to see how this all plays out. Who hasn’t thought about the future and the technologies that will be available 5, 10, 20+ years down the road. As we embrace the future how do our relationships fit into this new society? Also, there are android sex slaves and who doesn’t like android sex slaves!

4.0 / 5
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Alex + Ada #1
Released November 6, 2013
Writer Jonathan Luna
Artist Jonathan Luna
Cover Artist Jonathan Luna

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