Lazarus #5 Review

by @mikebiyad on Dec 11, 2013

Lazarus is back with a brand new arc, and it looks to be very promising.

The Good

Lazarus has been one of the best books to hit shelves in a while. It's filled with action, drama, and so many great twists. Now that it's at its second arc I'm excited as ever. The first few pages immediately had me jumping for joy. I actually felt a pit in my stomach while reading these, feeling for what Forever Carlyle has considered to be her life, and how lifeless it really is. This issue was really great because it focused more on the world they are living in, and less on just the Carlyle family. The rest of the society, and how their lives are looked on as basically nothing, has never been touched before, and we really get to see that this is in fact a dystopian world where there are few families with money and power who rule.

Lark's art in this book has been great since day one. He really shows how dark of a world it is, and how emotionless so many of the characters are.

The Not So Good

The only complaint I could really think of about this book is that it's trying to do too much at once. We're shifting between one place to another, and I think it would have been a bit cooler to focus more on a few things. We get an awesome plot twist near the end, however it really wasn't touched upon which was somewhat disappointing, however this is the beginning of a new arc and I do believe there is much more greatness to come.

The Bottom Line

Lazarus is a great book, one that we often aren't given the opportunity of reading. It's second arc does not disappoint, and I am more than excited to continue reading this book. I'm giving Lazarus #5 a 4.8/5

4.8 / 5
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Lazarus #5
Released November 13, 2013
Writer Greg Rucka
Artist Michael Lark
Cover Artist Michael Lark

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