Wonder Woman #25 Review

by @ericjochim on Dec 8, 2013

If you would have walked up to me 10 years ago and told me the book I would be most looking forward to every month was Wonder Woman I would have laughed at you.

The Good

Look, I just want to say I might be coming from a different place. A decade ago I called up a guy I worked with that I knew collected comics. I asked him if he wanted my collection. It wasn't a large collection, about 2000 books. All he had to do was come pick them up.

Fast forward 10 years, I'm feeling the itch. I want to restart the collection. But where do I start? I walk into my local shop, stare at the shelves and realize the whole comic landscape has changed. New 52, Marvel NOW and massive crossover events. Not a single title seems to have issues numbering in the triple digits. DC is re-establishing years of continuity with all of its major titles? Looking for anything familiar I begin hunting for artists and writers I know. Brian Azzarello was one of my favorite writers pre-exodus. His work on 100 Bullets and Hellblazer some of the best. Azzarello is on Wonder Woman, how the hell did that happen? Wonder Woman is the last book I would have expected him to be writing.

That said: I.am.not.a.Wonder.Woman.fan. But I am tempted. I pick up the book and I glad I did.

The Greek gods live. What's better is that in the more than 2000 years since they were the principle deities worshipped they have become more petty, more immature and more conniving. Zeus has gone missing, the play is on for his throne and Wonder Woman is thrust into the middle. A young boy that is said to be a son of Zeus could be the child of prophecy that changes things forever for the gods. I won't spoil anything for folks who haven't read the title, but will say issue 25 appears to be setting up the next major development in the long running story arc. So it is likely a good spot to jump on to the title.

The art is wonderfully clean. Cliff Chiang has done a great job brining the Diana into the modern age. What is better, his art doesn't over sexualize Wonder Woman or any of the other female characters in this book. Gordon Sudzuka is the series "fill-in" artist. He worked on issue 25. He and Chiang's art are not radically different, Chiang just seems a bit more polished. But their similar styles helps give a consistent look between issues.

The Not So Good

If you expect Wonder Woman to put the smack down on Cheetah or to team up with Superman or Batman don't pick up this book. There has been plenty of action throughout the title, but as the series plays out it, it is more Greek mythology than your standard super heroes pounding on super villains.

Another issue is how this book fits into continuity. There could be problems in long run with this title as it appears to be within the New 52, but outside some of the continuity being established in books like JLA and Superman/Wonder Woman. That would be a shame, especially since Azzarello is putting together such a tight story.

The Bottom Line

If you would have walked up to me 10 years ago and told me the book I would be most looking forward to every month was Wonder Woman I would have laughed at you.

But Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang appear to be weaving a story here that looks to be in line with Greek Epics. Azzarello has made the Gods wonderfully deep and multi dimensional, not an easy task since the Greek gods are typically archetypal characters motivated by base traits. The female leads are strong and not overly sexual. That means it is a book you can feel good about giving to your teenage daughter, if you have one.

Wonder Woman seems to exist in its own universe. That is nice because it won't force you to buy other books connected to a massive crossover just to keep up with the story. The long running story arc, now at 25 issues, will make you want to pick up trades or back issues. But for now, the book seems to be under the radar. I found issue 1 for cover price just a few weeks ago.

4.0 / 5
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Posted by @Jeff - Dec 9, 2013 @ 11:46am

Glad to hear your scratching the itch! Great review. Welcome back!

Wonder Woman #25
Released November 20, 2013
Writer Brian Azzarello
Artist Goran Sudzuka
Cover Artist Cliff Chiang

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