The Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 Review

by @mikebiyad on Dec 4, 2013

After almost a year without Peter Parker, we finally get a story with him in the spotlight.

The Good

Peter Parker is back...for now. For those of you who have been reading Superior Spiderman, and are up to date with the events of Parker's death and Doc Ock's takeover of his body, it's great to hear that you are going to have a nice little story centered on Peter Parker, the original Spiderman. The Amazing Spiderman 700.1 follows Peter Parker while a massive snow storm hits manhattan. Peter, however, is not doing so well. Although it is never said in the story, it seems as though he has a flu-like illness and it is taking away from his time as Spiderman. The story is cool, it feels like one of those old Spiderman stories that us fans have missed so much, with a little bit of darkness added to it. This book is also not a one-shot, which is nice, seeing that Marvel could have released anything involving Peter Parker just to take some more money out of our wallet.

The art in this book is absolutely fantastic. Every page has you wanting more and more. Janson has a way of keeping that classic Spiderman feel, while adding his own twist on the book, and it's just great.

The Not So Good

This book contains a lot of on-the-nose dialogue. There are so many different ways to say Peter Parker can't stop shivering than "c-cant s-s-stop shivering." and that's not all. I know this is a comic book, and we're not going to get the most intelligent and thought out dialogue, but come on!

The pace of this book also seems to go a bit slow. The good thing is it is building up to something, so all of us Spiderman fans on the edge of our seats have yet another book to look forward to, and it comes out next week!

The Bottom Line

Spiderman fans rejoice! After a year of missing our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Marvel has decided to throw us a bone. If you've been reading Superior Spiderman, or even stopped after issue 700 of Amazing Spiderman I recommend picking up this book, It's a nice way to hold all of us believers over until the much waited return of Peter to the ongoing series. I'm giving The Amazing Spiderman 700.1 a 3.8/5. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

3.8 / 5
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The Amazing Spider-Man #700.1
Released December 4, 2013
Writer David Morrell
Artist Klaus Janson
Cover Artist Pasqual Ferry

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