Green Arrow #26 Review

by @mikebiyad on Dec 4, 2013

The Outsider War is starting, and it's time to go back to where it all started.

The Good

Green Arrow has been a pretty decent series so far. It's not something to write home about, but it's enjoyable to fans of DC, Green Arrow, and even those of the TV show. If you're up to date with the series you know that Oliver had just wrapped up his encounter with Count Vertigo, and along the way there have been a few things revealed, which ultimately come as a nice surprise to Oliver as well as the readers. In this issue we see Oliver return to the island with Shado in search for his half sister Emiko, and the totem arrow. It's cool to see some back story about Oliver, as well as his reaction to returning to the place that made him who he is.

The art in this book has been great so far. With every turn of the page your eyes will feast upon the beautiful colors and textures. It's nice to get a change of scenery as well, and Sorrentino definitely gets to show his talent by drawing this luscious jungle.

The Not So Good

I feel like this book could have been a bit more exciting. While reading it I felt as though I was waiting for something to happen. I was expecting, this being the beginning of a new arc that promises to blow your mind, that I was in fact going to have my mind blow, this however was not the case.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I think this issue may be setting up for a great new arc for the series. I'm definitely going to be excited to pick up the next issue after the way it left off, however I do wish that there was a little bit more of a wow factor for this issue. If you've been reading, and enjoying, Green Arrow I do suggest you pick this book up. This also may not be a bad spot for new readers who are interested to jump in. I'm giving Green Arrow 26 a 3/5. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

3.0 / 5
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Green Arrow #26
Released December 4, 2013
Writer Jeff Lemire
Artist Andrea Sorrentino
Cover Artist Andrea Sorrentino

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