Black Science #1 Review

by @DocBenway on Nov 28, 2013

Anarchist scientists delve into Black Science, rescue a scantily-clad fish lady from leering frog bastards then teleport to their next adventure. Kirk and Dr. Who can eat Grant McKay’s dust!

The Good

The jump in point for a new science fiction comic book is always tough. It takes a serving of a spectacular setting, advanced technology, and freaky aliens with a dash of interesting characters to entice readers to invest in some new universe. Rick Remender’s got the recipe right on this one. The main character, Grant McKay, spends nearly the entire book running through an alien-invested, fourth-dimensional crazy town which keeps the action meter pegged. All the while, McKay’s internal monolog provides all the narration we need to get tuned into the key players and general concepts of this new world. Anything else we need to know was already in Previews or spelled out in lieu of fan mail on the last page. Mateo Scalera provides crisp renderings of the (presumably) permanent characters and devotes a lot of effort to those a-hole frog dudes and the fish folk even though they’ll be gone after the next dimensional jump. I was all-in before McKay wielded a severed frog head with a bioelectric tongue like good ol’ Indiana Jones. Looks like Image has another sci-fi hit on their hands.

The Not So Good

I’m more of an order via Previews than peruse the Wednesday new books kind of guy and that’s what keyed me into this one. I read what I’d bet was Remender’s elevator pitch to Image and placed my order. I wish I’d ordered more copies (like I do on many Image first issues) since this one sold out and is headed for a second printing. Unless the art grabs you, this would be tough book to identify as a solid read based on shelf appeal. My only beef inside the book has to do with McCay’s rescue of the fish-lady slave/exotic dancer. It winds up working out for him, but considering the time constraints he was operating under, it seemed like an odd decision. Maybe actions like this define McCay. I guess we’ll just have to read more to figure that out.

The Bottom Line

Perpetual action and plenty of unanswered questions will have me waiting for the next installment of Black Science. Move over Saga and East meets West, there’s another sci-fi hit on Image’s roster.

4.5 / 5
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Black Science #1
Released November 27, 2013
Writer Rick Remender
Artist Matteo Scalera
Cover Artist Matteo Scalera

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