Damian: Son of Batman #2 Review

by @DocBenway on Nov 28, 2013

It’s dad versus son as Damian continues his vengeful pursuit of the Joker in this wild tale set in an alternate Bat-future.

The Good

This installment of Andy Kubert’s Damian’s-still-alive-fantasy picks up right where we left off and boy is Bruce pissed with his kid. Daddy has figured out that Damian's gone against the prime Bat directive by permanently ending the careers of several Gotham baddies. During the yell-fest we also get let in on who was in the Batsuit when Joker pulled the pin on that nasty homeless corpse/dead fish bomb (no spoilers here kids). Bruce skips over lighter weight discipline options like a time-out or limiting Bat-computer time and jumps to a straight-up, old-school beating. Suffice it to say that somebody gets a boo-boo which launches us into the meat of this issue’s story. Kubert’s really pushing the pace to cram everything he wants to tell us into a four issue run and it’s a fast and furious ride. His rendering is excellent throughout and bounces from richly detailed active panels to close-up, emotive portraits. Handling writing and art duties simultaneously is a tall order and Kubert is doing a masterful job with this title. Go Andy go!

The Not So Good

I’m glad that Kubert read my review of Damian #1 and got the kid off the ‘roids. This issue’s Robin has trimmed down to less epic proportions which makes him look, for lack of a better term, more Robin-ish. So, like every other mouth-breathing Batfan on the internet, I’ll whine that this change is visually inconsistent and just as jarring as leaving mega-Damian in the mix. We’re never happy are we? I’d bet that this correction was done to make the outcome of his tussle with a septuagenarian more believable or was the result of a production gap between the first and second issues. I’m over it. The part I’m still struggling with is why Alfred would hire that creepy nurse with the Boston accent? Is this some kind of butler in-joke or payback for a lifetime of wearing tightly fitting bowties? I hope she was lying and is the next plot twist that snuck into the manor when no one was watching the door.

The Bottom Line

Kubert is handling the writing and artwork of an over-the-top tale of what the future might have held for the Bat clan with panache. Screw continuity and enjoy the ride.

4.5 / 5
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Damian: Son of Batman #2
Released November 27, 2013
Writer Andy Kubert
Artist Andy Kubert
Cover Artist Andy Kubert

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