Saga #16 Review

by @mikebiyad on Nov 27, 2013

Saga #16 sets the stage for something that may continue upon the series greatness

The Good

There's no doubt that Saga may in fact be one of the best comic book series on the market right now. Usually when I talk about a comic book, whether it be in a review, or to a reader, I begin to talk about the story and what's so great about it. Now, don't get me wrong, Saga's premise and writing is absolutely fantastic, but Fiona Staple's art in this book is nothing short of greatness, and Saga may in fact be the best book for her to create this art for. The characters look unique, some have one eye and weird faces, others have pointy ears and wings, however these are not typical creatures of myth, they are different, and Staple's art is what makes them so unique, and the best part is we get a full splash page!

In issue sixteen, we get some crazy humor as usual, as well as some great twists. We're on the edge of our seats to figure out what's going on with this hit that was put on the journalists Upsher and Doff, whether or not The Will may be alive, and whats going to happen to Alana and Marko when Gwendolyn and Prince Robot IV arrive at the home of D. Oswald Heist.

The Not So Good

Saga is a great series, however it seems like the past few issues have been a bit slow. There seems to be a lot of talking and not as much of anything else going on, although it does seem to be setting up for something great. There also seems to be a few things going on with this issue that may confuse readers who don't exactly remember exactly what happened last month.

The Bottom Line

Overall Saga #16 does a great job of setting up for what all of us readers are hoping will be something great. If you haven't read any Saga, I think it would be a great idea to start picking up the trade paper backs and jump onto this train before its' too late. I'm giving Saga #16 a 4.2/5. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

4.2 / 5
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Saga #16
Released November 27, 2013
Writer Brian K. Vaughan
Artist Fiona Staples
Cover Artist Fiona Staples

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