Sex Criminals #3 Review

by @mikebiyad on Nov 21, 2013

A fun ride filled with sex, humor, and a bunch of other weird stuff along the way.

The Good

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky really created something unique here. If you haven't caught onto this series yet, Suzie and Jon can freeze time right after they climax. We're still wondering what exactly is going on at the bank, but for now we're getting a nice back story about the two, how they met, and how they found out about their special "ability". In issue 3 we see Jon and Suzie falling in love. This book really plays out well as a love story, with added bits of humor along the way, and it's just plain awesome.

Zdarsky's art in this book is phenomenal. It's quirky, cartoony, and colorful and just perfectly fits with the humor and teenage sex jokes that are on just about every page in this book. When Jon and Suzie are in "the quiet", as she calls it, this is where the art really stands out. The bright colors are beautiful, and give make sure your eyes don't look anywhere else.

The Not So Good

Matt Fraction is really good at dragging out un-needed dialogue that just doesn't seem like it ever is going to end. There are a few pages in this book we, as readers, may think of as unnecessary to the story being told. I found myself wondering why exactly some of the conversations being had were so weird, than I remembered that this book is comedy before anything else.

The Bottom Line

If you haven't jumped on this train yet, you've made quite the mistake. Luckily we're only three issues in and so far this story is panning out to be great. I found myself laughing at all of the ridiculous, cheesy, teenage sex jokes, while still feeling the connection between the two characters which is something a bit rare in comic books out there these days. I'm giving Sex Criminals #3 a 4/5. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

4.0 / 5
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Sex Criminals #3
Released November 20, 2013
Writer Matt Fraction
Artist Chip Zdarsky
Cover Artist Chip Zdarsky

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