Longshot Saves Marvel Universe #2 Review

by @octii_pies on Nov 21, 2013

“Longshot wanted a taco, and the Marvel Universe was torn apart.” Guys. I really can’t write anything better than that.

The Good

The best part about Longshot is that he doesn’t actually DO anything. He just is the way he is and things happen to/near/to those near him. I mean, sure he has to actively not take advantage of his stunning good looks to get laid or his luck to buy tacos, but his lack of action makes him superbly unique against the other heroes in the Marvel universe. This is most easily seen when he is interacting directly with other heroes (and villains, I suppose). It’s crazy enough that his existence, cravings, and circumstances can flip the reality he is in so on its head that he has memory gaps and alterations. When compounded by the fact that he is being hunted for throwing the universe out of balance for merely existing… Yeah, “crazy” is the right word. Alternate universes have been intertwined before, but I don’t think any of the previous ones have ever had such an attractively oblivious center. Or should that be obliviously attractive? No. He’s pretty aware that he’s attractive. Anyway, long story shot- I mean- short, is that arbitrary force throws universe out of balance, balance ends up splitting and “order” is a utilitarian tyrant intent on homogenizing everything and “chaos” is an adorable hulk of destruction.

The Not So Good

What happened to the cube Reed and Stark found? Did Longshot’s contact with it poof it out of existence and thus their involvement in his predicament? Where the heck is Nick Fury and why would the man ever let a creep wearing a mask reminiscent of Weeping Angels take control of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Where is Thor going? Will Longshot ever get his taco? Won’t anyone think of the children?! Seriously, though, I feel that Reed and Stark should have a different part to play in this universe even if they weren’t literally there when all the things happened to Longshot. Perhaps I’ll get that in the next issue? We can only wait and see. I’d hate to say this, but they may be pulling in too many Marvel names and cameos into too little panels. Sure it’s good for a laugh or force-propelling plot, but to keep up a substantial plot with character attachment and possibly growth? Not so much.

The Bottom Line

Funny, sarcastic, self-aware, yet full of traditional Marvel-style hero plots, twists and interdimensional/inter-universal travel included. I’d like to see what else happens around our dear Longshot and if he’ll ever get that taco he so craves. Not so much looking forward to meeting every single other Marvel hero that has ever existed in issue 3, though. 3.5/5

3.5 / 5
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Longshot Saves Marvel Universe #2
Released November 20, 2013
Writer Various
Artist Various
Cover Artist TBD

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