The Walking Dead #116 Review

by @mikebiyad on Nov 15, 2013

And so the war begins!

The Good

The Walking Dead 116 leaves off right where 115 left us patiently (or impatiently) waiting. With Gregory, the Hilltop leader, taking Negan’s side out of fear, we all thought Rick’s army was going to lose a good amount of people, however, that’s not the case. This issue showcases Rick’s leadership, and throws in that much needed action we’ve all be waiting for. With the combined forces of The Kingdom, Alexandria, and The Hilltop, for the first time we actually see Negan at a disadvantage. It’s really great to see how Rick’s plan pans out, and seeing Negan actually worried about losing this battle, gave me that certain satisfaction that Walking Dead readers rarely ever get. This issue also features some great art from Adlard, with two 2-page splashes and lots of gory, mind-blowing (literally) action.

The Not So Good

This issue could have had some more dialogue to progress the story forward. There are a few blank panels, and some panels have one or two short text bubbles, however the art can tell the story as well.

The Bottom Line

This is the issue that we have been waiting for. With tensions rising between Rick and Negan “All Out War” was inevitable. This issue is full of action and excitement, and it immediately had me wanting more. With this only being the second chapter of All Out War, I’m excited to see what else Kirkman has in store for The Walking Dead. I’m giving this issue a 4.5/5

4.5 / 5
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The Walking Dead #116
Released November 13, 2013
Writer Robert Kirkman
Artist Charlie Adlard
Cover Artist Charlie Adlard

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