Coffin Hill #2 Review

by @octii_pies on Nov 15, 2013

Eve retraces her steps to the past- finding that she has to help undo the damage to save those in the present.

The Good

As I found in the first issue, the art is amazing. The panels are done especially well. During thoughtful scenes, they stay relatively steady while action shots get angles and more space. Plus, a big reveal makes the reader literally turn their head. Colors are even more stark in this issue as if Eve Coffin has a monochrome aura that affects herself and the immediate area surrounding her. This only makes the use of warmer colors more jarring- alarming rather than calming- despite convention. We also get to see Eve interacting with a character from her past, removing the flippant personality that blanketed her previously. His knowledge of her past parallels the flashbacks shown to us, yet his reaction is far from what may be expected. Though things don’t always go her way, we can tell that she is a passionate, empathetic person. It was also very interesting to know more about her from what she shares in the present. Her family indeed is rooted with dark history. History that is shared throughout the females of each generation, history that Eve seems to be working very hard against.

The Not So Good

Story? Check. Writing? Check. Art? Triple check. Seems difficult to find fault in this series so far, especially when the interaction with aforementioned character worked on my last criticism. The only thing I can think of is that everyone is apparently white. No minorities whatsoever. I suppose it makes sense considering the area Eve has traveled to, but it’s somehow makes things feel a little less realistic. I know, I know, the whole premise of our Coffin girl is someone who can do magic because of a long family history of doing so. Still, it seems passing strange that absolutely no one in the police force at least possibly came from a different area and are at least mixed or something along those lines.

The Bottom Line

Brilliant job, team! Vertigo has a real winner here and, like last time, I look forward to learning more. The plot thickens both for our ex-cop and ourselves. What did Eve do exactly that caused so much harm? What is this entity she keeps vaguely referring to? What sorts of things is she capable of? What happened to her family? Her home? All exciting questions that leave me lingering rather than frustrated. Five outta five!

5.0 / 5
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Coffin Hill #2
Released November 13, 2013
Writer Caitlin Kittredge
Artist Inaki Miranda
Cover Artist Dave Johnson

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