Iron Patriot #1 Review

by @Comic_Star on Mar 27, 2014

Iron Patriot

The Good

I don't follow the Iron Man titles, or really any of the other teams he's a large part of. I did like the Iron Man movies and James Rhode's character. This comic interested me from the beginning because of the cover art. The interior art is just as great. The pages have proper layout, and the structure of each panel is unique. From the first moments of this issue you felt that the series might have a strong political element. James Rhodes has transferred positions working for the Government, and things seem to be going well for him. He starts enjoying the role he has as a hero, but he feels defeated with his family life. The issue does not have very many moments of excitement however.

This issue is not so much about action and explosions, or even much Iron Man story. James Rhodes may encounter Tony Stark later, but not yet. Some fans may not enjoy a series with this type of family life, or political oriented story. This issue does open up for a decent series overall, but it may lose readership overtime.

The Not So Good

The main character is something new for fans. The hero who has been a back story here or there, is taking on a large title role. This does make for an issue all time Iron Man fans may appreciate. There is still nothing the reader will learn any further of James Rhodes by reading this issue. Future issues may take on a psychological type of story line. For this issues the not so good would be that it has a political theme that may deter readers. Younger fans may not appreciate the dialogue to the story and the theme may be for adult readers.

The Bottom Line

For someone who enjoys political themes, or smaller character's within the Marvel U. The art is fantastic! The story may pick up, and readers may want to keep an eye out for future issues. This issue will keep your interest for the most part, it lacks any type of serious action. It's a quick read and a decent opening issue for the series.

4.0 / 5
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Iron Patriot #1
Released March 26, 2014
Writer Ales Kot
Artist Garry Brown
Cover Artist Garry Brown

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