Daredevil #1 Review

by @WednesdayComix on Mar 20, 2014

Daredevil gets re-acquainted with the San Francisco city-scape as Mark Waid and Chris Samnee moves Matt Murdock and new partner Kristie McDuffie out west.

The Good

I like "Daredevil." I really do. I've enjoyed it ever since Mark Waid started his run nearly three years ago. Has it been that long already? Of course, many hands have penned and drawn our favorite "Man Without Fear" as Marvel Comics celebrates his 50th anniversary this year. So, technically three years has not been such a long time. However, Waid's stories have been so out-of-box fun. So has Chris Samnee's art. The series has been accessible and brave as well, taking turns here and there both surprising and heart-breaking. "Daredevil #1" marks the latest volume in its storied history.

The new story picks up where issue no. 36 left off. Matt Murdock has moved to San Francisco after having lost his law license (and much more) in New York. Former assistant district attorney Kristie McDuffie follows him not only as a law partner, but also as a former (potential) love interest. Where's Foggy Nelson one may ask? I don't want to reveal too much, but when we last saw Foggy he was struggling with cancer. I'm sure that Mark Waid has plans for Matt Murdock's best friend and former law partner. The entire sub-plot of Foggy's bout with cancer is an example of how bold the stories were throughout the previous volume.

One of the boldest moves in the new narrative is moving Daredevil out west to San Francisco and away from New York. The hero has to solve a kidnapping while "reacclimating" to an uncommon sky-line and wider spaces unlike the tightness and familiar buildings, skyscrapers and gangways of New York. Samnee captures this and the action with the unique style he's brought to the character. Kudos to the full-page re-cap of Daredevil's origin story with good use of colors from Javier Rodriguez. Of course there's a plot-twist at the end that I could not have imagined. This has me wondering how it will work into the new narrative.

The Not So Good

I've had my criticism of Marvel's use of re-numbering. I think it's a gimmick that's not necessary. However, this new number one makes sense given how the previous volume ended. I got a little confused by the jumps in the action on two transitions. We didn't actually see Daredevil save the little girl from her kidnappers. The action started with the chase. I felt as if I missed something. I felt the same way after Daredevil escaped his pursuers when he ditched them at the hospital. All of a sudden, he was able to take one of them down through stealth; but the following page showed that everything was alright. Maybe the missing parts are part of the larger narrative and the plot-twist at the end. Are these memories or images? Is the whole San Francisco affair a dream?

The Bottom Line

"Daredevil #1" is a good jumping off point for those interested in reading this book. I can't wait to see what Waid, Samnee and Rodriguez has in store for us.

4.5 / 5
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Daredevil #1
Released March 19, 2014
Writer Mark Waid
Artist Chris Samnee
Cover Artist Chris Samnee

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