X-men Legacy #300 Review

by @Comic_Star on Mar 14, 2014

With every X-Men comes a Legacy. With every story comes an end.

The Good

This issue felt new! It did not follow any of the previous arch featuring Legion. This was a good read. There is a lot to do with the X-Men and their deep roots. Every fan could enjoy this issue, even though it does lack the superstar X-Men characters many fans want. There is a big theme of Legacy and how an X-Men character comes to build a Legacy.

Readers will find this issue surprising at first. The character that plays the largest role in telling the story is ForgetMeNot. If i'm correct, this is an introduction to an entirely new character who has not had much of an X-Men role. Some readers may find this fresh. The dialogue is also very poetic, it plays well with the theme of Legacy. There is also some comical ideas, things that keep you laughing or thinking positive in a somewhat depressing storyline.

With this introduction also comes a wonderful backstory that any X-Men fan can appreciate. It is a great Homage to Professor X, I am afraid it will go unnoticed as an issue in this series. It's not bad, it is a wonderfully balanced and very entertaining issue.

The Not So Good

The story did not feature Legion, but you can feel that it's not necessary. Some of the Legion story lines tagged along, this issue is a new experience all together. It does take on a poetic writing style some people do not like. It did not feature the large cast of characters on the cover. It did bring about some interesting points when you think of the X-Men. This should not distract any readers from trying it out. It does seem as if there is a lot to read about, some of it becomes repeated or outplayed.

The Bottom Line

I wouldn't want to miss an issue with this type of excitement. The X-Men have lost some of the original hype from the nineties, but this is a great story about a great series. Readers looking for a cast of known

X-Men won't find it here. The art is not what makes it. More for readers who like depth in a story.

4.0 / 5
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X-men Legacy #300
Released March 12, 2014
Writer Mike Carey
Artist Clay Mann
Cover Artist Clay Mann

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