The Star Wars #6 Review

by @Comic_Star on Mar 14, 2014

Star Wars in a unique way for fans to enjoy!

The Good

First I must mention that this art direction is boss!! With each issue I become more and more entertained. I have already recommended this entire story to several fans. The characters are different in all ways. On the cover is Anakin, and he seems to be entirely different because he is unique from the fan favorite movie series.

This is not your grandfather's Star War, but in ways I really like that.

Following George Lucas' draft and turning it into a comic, It must be hard. This series can capture any readers interest. The layout is incredible. I was also impressed with the shadowing. The panels are organized to perfection. You can get the feeling that it was a lot of hard work to get just right. The best thing about it is the feeling of reading a movie script. As a reader you even feel engaged to read at your pace as a movie director might.

If you read the previous issues you may have been wondering about Chewbacca, he hasn't been featured yet but I feel it coming. This issue sets up perfectly the final two issues. You may not have trouble starting it with this issue, but if you do want a great collection, I can see something nice like a hardback or trade on the way.

The Not So Good

There is not much negative to say. Younger readers may get lost with the story, or engaged more by art. This being an original draft, is all the more reason to love it. I found that issue #6 is necessary for the final two issues to be incredible. Readers will not want to wait after reading this issue. #7 and #8 could be my favorite comics and they haven't been released.

The Bottom Line

Keep a look out for this issue, if you haven't started this series you could with #6 and you won't have trouble reading. The art is the finest I have seen. Even for Dark Horse this is great! I am pleased to tell people about this series.

4.6 / 5
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The Star Wars #6
Released March 12, 2014
Writer J. W. Rinzler
Artist Mike Mayhew
Cover Artist Nick Runge

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