Wolverine #3 Review

by @Comic_Star on Mar 14, 2014

Wolverine's abilities may be lacking... But his backup isn't.

The Good

Wolverine has been a downward experience the first couple issues. It was enough so that it didn't feel relevant anymore. I did not see the story taking this direction though! Wolverine is by far my favorite comic character. In the first couple issues, readers were left wondering if the weaker, angrier Wolverine could still outlast a powerful Hand force led by Sabretooth. This issue was excellent! And the introduction of new characters is what readers would want to experience.

This issue does bring to light the previous events. Wolverine was left weak. Wolverine had an encounter with Superior Spider-Man. Wolverine has been pretty hopeless until now. But that is all about to change.

The new characters in this issue may be short lived. They are a great cast though. If you have not started this new series or were skeptical, you should take a look at it starting here. It may not be what every fan of Wolverine would have liked, but it does keep me interested a little bit more.

Readers who were possibly hoping for Superior Spider-Man/Wolverine story line. It does not follow that direction as I can tell. I can say that these characters will help him out a lot more. This issue does bring together some of the backstory. It does leave the reader guessing further issues ahead.

The Not So Good

With the introduction, readers get a small cast of familiar faces. It does follow a smooth story line, but may feel almost too fast-paced for readers. Large panels show much of what's happened. The dialogue can become a little lost in the background, but this doesn't make it terrible. This issue does keep the reader interest, but there is not too much interaction between Wolverine and his new cast.

The Bottom Line

All-in-all this is one to try. If you haven't been a reader of this series it's pretty darn good, starting with this issue. I can see the following issue turning out to be great too.

This may even be for the younger readers to give a shot. If parents are willing to let them, this does not have the harsh, 13+ content some people don't like. Of course look over it first.

It's a great cast of character's, a new look into Wolverine. I can see the rest of this arch and possibly the entire series being a favorite among fans.

4.3 / 5
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Wolverine #3
Released March 12, 2014
Writer Paul Cornell
Artist Ryan Stegman
Cover Artist Ryan Stegman

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