Captain Marvel #1 Review

by @WednesdayComix on Mar 13, 2014

Kelly Sue DeConnick stays on target and re-launches Carol Danvers into some outer space action with the All-New, Marvel NOW Captain Marvel no. 1!

The Good

There it was staring me in the face: "Captain Marvel no. 1." It stood prominently on a stand at the checkout counter of my local comic shop. I admit it. I originally was not going to pick up this book. I jumped aboard the previous outing of Kelly Sue DeConnick on "Captain Marvel" when it launched its sixth volume in 2012. I was an early fan of the new costume, the toned-down sexuality. Carol Danvers in her own book written by a female writer felt "right." I was never so interested in her as a heroine until "that" book. The writing was great; and although I thought the art was a little "blah," I thought "that" series made a good start. However, something happened. I stopped caring a little. After a few issues, "that" series slowly slid down the priority list for my pulls. I eventually dropped it because there were so many events going on in the Marvel Universe from "Battle of the Atom" to "Infinity" (not to mention events from the competition), that choices had to be made. "Captain Marvel" did not make the cut. But there I was, almost a year later, standing at the counter staring at the All-New, Marvel NOW "Captain Marvel no. 1" as it stared back at me. Is it possible that Carol Danvers persuaded me with her eyes? Or was it David Lopez's cover art that "wowed" me. Whether it was Carol, Lopez or Lee Loughridges colors, I walked out of the shop with one in hand. I was not disappointed.

I've already mentioned the cover. Lopez's art is an overall improvement over the art from the previous volume. Loughridges colors pop, and the combined effect really makes Captain Marvel look "heroic." She's got the look I should say. NOW back to DeConnick. I like the new direction she's going to take the title character. Space seems like a right fit for a character who's seen her share of conflict beyond starry frontiers since coming off the heels of "Infinity." The "Star Wars" slash "Firefly" feel to the start of the book felt familiar, but it was neat to see Captain Marvel take command. The gags and references to the aforementioned "Star Wars" was also fun. The splash page and story title just a few leaves in was also a nice touch. I look forward to seeing how Carol Danvers deals with restlessness, solitude and the distance she'll experience from the Earth relationships she holds most dear. With that said, I guess I'm looking for to reading issue no. 2. Also, DeConnick did a good job (I can assume) of bridging the previous series and the drama spilling out of "Infinity" with the new one. Iron Man's mention of the Guardians of the Galaxy also has me thinking she'll cross paths with the like of Starlord, Nova and of course other Marvel "cosmic" heroes.

The Not So Good

Okay I get it. Re-launch with a new no. 1 and hope to breathe new life into a series that was losing readership. Maybe that will make it more successful. I'm not a fan of the numbering system as it is. My hope is that Marvel will not rely on the gimmick to simply push sales of "Captain Marvel." I get that mostly every Marvel book has an "All-New" no. 1. This still doesn't solve the problem of good books with poor sales.

This is probably not the review to do this, but I'm going to say it any ways. Part of me is tired of event-driven crossovers. They really hurt the sales of books like "Captain Marvel," unless it's a self-contained crossover with, let's say, "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Nova" or "Silver Surfer." Keeping up with major events simply causes some readers to drop other books. "Captain Marvel no. 1" seems like a book that will really pay off as the stories develop over time, and I would hate to see her solo series cast aside again.

The Bottom Line

The All-New Marvel NOW "Captain Marvel no. 1" was a well written, beautifully drawn book that has a lot of potential. I recommend this book to every reader. Give "Captain Marvel" another shot at becoming an even greater hero and comic book on par with the others.

4.3 / 5
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Captain Marvel #1
Released March 12, 2014
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist David Lopez
Cover Artist David Lopez

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