Origin Ii #3 Review

by @Comic_Star on Feb 27, 2014

When you cage a savage beast...

The Good

This is the best issue (so far) of this five part run!

When issue two left off Victor Creed had captured Wolverine. You have to remember however that this is very early on in Wolverine's lifespan. He has never even been known as The Wolverine up to this point. A scientist/Doctor has been hunting for a real life human with mutant abilities. They have only been a myth to everyone. With Creed's help he has succeeded in tracking him down. Wolverine is a runaway his real name is James Howlett and he has been living with a pack a wolves. No one knows his past. Creed is a part of a carnival, they only see Wolverine as a beast or animal. They simply cage him and force him to do shows with his claws and strength.

This issue is simply amazing. As a Wolverine fan I love to read the absolute best story. The art and storytelling make this issue stand out above the rest. This issue has a lot going for it, and a very surprising ending. If you were a reader of the first two issues you may have wondered why they lacked dialogue. This issue will answer any of those questions, the previous two failed. The previous issue felt more like a silent story, this issue is loud and makes a big impact to the series. The art is very detailed and the color palette fits into the time period of this issue.

The Not So Good

Wolverine has not said a word this whole series! It is very unique. It does show his thoughts, and flashbacks. Sounds or grunts are read if he feels pain or heartache. But all along there is still no dialogue from the actual main character, that must be a first. It does however make sense to me. This is a dark period of The Wolverine's life. The writer has to understand that the Wolverine goes through many terrible things in the future. As a reader you are not thinking about "X-Men Wolverine", this is not a bad thing either. I think the writer likes to keep the pace slow, to show the readers that Wolverine we love has lived a very rough time. The lack of Wolverine dialogue is understandable. This type of story is not for everyone, but masterpieces like this only come every once in awhile.

The Bottom Line

Absolutely stunning story. This issue will leave you feeling uneasy and excited at the same time. Some aspects are not for all readers, but this does do a story that's been lacking so far some justice. Try this issue out, you may not be interested in #1, and #2 but this one is genuinely epic!

4.7 / 5
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Origin Ii #3
Released February 26, 2014
Writer Kieron Gillen
Artist Adam Kubert
Cover Artist Adam Kubert

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