Punisher #2 Review

by @Comic_Star on Feb 27, 2014

Action-packed Punisher has not lost his edge!!

The Good

Frank Castle is currently tracking a group of cartels that run drugs and rule the violent gangs of L.A. He is watching their every move.

With this issue being early in the series, it really is hard to put down. Get ready for a very suspenseful ride on the edge of your seat. The first and second issue in this series have started off great. Frank Castle (The Punisher) is introduced to the readers through his own thought process, and he is a likeable character. You can see as you are reading that he himself doubts if he will get out of his situations. There is loads of action on every page. Even if the story loses pace or slows down, it's not long before it picks up again. If you enjoy The Punisher from the past this is a great story so far and fits right in with the character. You will also find some awesome surprises with new characters. The art is very stylish, this makes it great overall. Some panels depict explosions or gunfight and it looks as if it is directly from a storyboard or CGI movie. Try this series out, it did not disappoint.

The Not So Good

The story is great. There are not too many complaints. There has been one character I wish I could see more of. I can understand the writer's idea behind slowly introducing this one character. If you have read the story you may know who I'm referencing to. It is just one small bad mark to go with this issues full on greatness. Maybe I will get what I am hoping for, and this character will have a big role, but for now it is alright.

The Bottom Line

Action-Packed, fast, paced, heroic story. For a second issue it keeps you wanting more. Try issues 1 and 2 for an awesome experience, you won't regret it. Even if you are a skeptic, as I was, this issue will stop any doubts.

4.2 / 5
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Punisher #2
Released February 19, 2014
Writer Nathan Edmondson
Artist Mitch Gerads
Cover Artist Mitch Gerads

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