Codename Action #5 Review

by @WednesdayComix on Feb 13, 2014

Can Operative 1001 stop Dr. Evil from plunging the world into WWIII? Chris Roberson and Jonathan Lau bring "Codename: Action" to a climatic end with Earth hanging in the balance.

The Good

I've been reading "Codename: Action" by using the Comixology app on my iPad. I've enjoyed every bit of the series. From international intrigue to terrorist plots; from maniacal villains to the heroes sworn to stop them, Chris Roberson and Jonathan Lau delivered. Not to mention they re-introduced Captain Action readers and toy enthusiasts alike.

Though many readers familiar with Captain Action should have seen the "Dr. Thorpe" alias leading up to the "Dr. Evil" reveal, it was enjoyable to watch this process unfold by the trusty pen of Roberson. Lau also did a great job of drawing Dr. Evil in this issue. He looked just as menacing as the action figure did. To add, "Dr. Evil" was cleverly given the name through an awkward exchange between Operative 1001 and Black Venus as they scrambled to stop nuclear warheads from firing on the U. S. and the Soviet Union respectively. Talk about origins.

Overall, issue no. 5 was a blast reading. Particularly since Operative 1001 finally took on the name "Captain Action" at the end of the book. This leads me to think that we haven't seen the last of him nor the alien threat that imperils their world.

The Not So Good

I would have liked to see more fight sequences with the other heroes, perhaps even a fight between them and their doppelgangers. Alas, the focus of the book from beginning to end (and justifiably so) was Operative 1001's development from rookie agent into the classic hero many know very well. Moreover, detonating the nuclear warheads on site was a tad too easy (what about the fallout).

The Bottom Line

"Codename: Action" has been a fun diversion full of nostalgia and classic adventure. I hope to see Captain Action in his own series. Perhaps a team-up with other heroes featured in the D. E. universe. I recommend buying the collected edition if one is slated to be published.

4.5 / 5
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Codename Action #5
Released February 12, 2014
Writer Chris Roberson
Artist Jonathan Lau
Cover Artist Jae Lee

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