Harley Quinn #2 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Feb 13, 2014

Harley is getting settled into her new home, furnishing the place with a few black market deals and a visit from her friend, Poison Ivy.

The Good

Harley Quinn is a visual pleasure. It strikes a wonderful balance of minute detail and fantastic shadow work with bright, panel-filling sound effects. On the story side of things, no much progress has been made in advancing the plot revolving around the mystery of who is trying to kill Harley. Despite that, this book does more than just tread water. The story is treating the mystery much in the same way Harley treats the situation, as a nuisance that needs to be dealt with, just not immediately.

Instead, Harley, spends the issue acquiring a fridge (along with its restricted contents) and recruiting Poison Ivy to help her rescue dozens of animals that are going to euthanized by a shelter. It feels a little like an issue of Liberator, but with more wild antics. Obviously.

The Not So Good

For all the fun that Harley Quinn is, this issue lacked urgency. Even accepting that she is not going to immediately go after whoever is trying to kill her, nothing that happens in this issue has any real stakes for Harley. Her altruism is the main motivator for the issue but that doesn’t make for a compelling story. Beyond that, this issue is a series of events that mostly work out as Harley plans. She wants a fridge, she goes to get one; it doesn’t get delivered but not even Harley is overly concerned. She wants to save some animals, gets Poison Ivy to help and that’s that.

The Bottom Line

Harley Quinn #2 is not a bad issue; it’s just not particularly good either. While it’s funny in a cutesy sort of way, it losses the momentum built up in the first issue, which is particularly disappointing because I had been really anxious to my hands on this one. While events do unfold, they’re not connected to what has happened already nor do they seem particularly important on their own.

2.5 / 5
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Harley Quinn #2
Released January 22, 2014
Writer Amanda Conner
Artist Chad Hardin
Cover Artist Amanda Conner

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