Punisher #1 Review

New coast, same Frank Castle!

The Good

Dropping The Punisher into a new local freshens things up quite a bit as his familiar, and completely repetitive, villains are replaced by a new set of scumbags. Out are the mafia types and in are your cartel style criminals. Not a huge change, but enough to make you care. The cover art for this book is great, with a simple design and blue hues it makes you feel sorry for Frank while also letting you know he is headed to the coast to shoot things.

The Not So Good

The interior art is hit or miss with many panels having you scratch your head as you try to figure what exactly is going on. A scene with a punk cuffed in a car is especially odd looking.

The Bottom Line

I am not a huge fan of The Punisher, but I am interested in the character enough to take a peak at his series whenever they pop up. Many have been too brooding for my taste, but this comic mixes the right amount of "doing what no one else can, but I would rather not be doing" with Frank enjoying the simple things in life like a cup of coffee. Anyone who is like me and even a little interested in the character should pick this one up.

4.0 / 5
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Punisher #1
Released February 5, 2014
Writer Nathan Edmondson
Artist Mitch Gerads
Cover Artist Mitch Gerads

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