Wolverine #1 Review

This is not your father's Wolverine...

The Good

Those who have been following Wolverine, as popular as her is that means a whole lot of you, you know Wolverine has lost his healing factor and now doubts linger as to whether he truly is the best at what he does or if he was simply the last man standing due to he un-killable status. Wolverine #1 doesn't dive too deep I to this question, but it is presented as being right below the surface of all of Wolverine's recent decisions. The art on this book is fantastic and we really get a sense of Wolverine's diminutive stature as he stands next to familiar faces in this issue.

The Not So Good

Where do I begins? Wolverine is hanging out with a group of mercenaries who work for a crime boss as this issue opens, a few months have passed between this series and the last one apparently, and you know he is not going to be with them long as Wolverine is a lot of things, but a villain he is not. With that said, it is only a matter of time before we find out what he is really doing with this group and how much of his own code of honor he is willing to shed in order to accomplish that goal. I realize that writer Paul Cornell is trying to show us a desperate and "ends justifies the means" version of Wolverine, but with the characters long history and enormous list of friends and colleagues it seems odd that he would opt to do things this way at this point in his life. Besides this version of Wolverine, AKA Patch, has been used before although he still had a healing factor at the time. Another odd and blatantly attention grabbing move was giving Wolverine a gun. Now, we know James Howlett has used guns before in the many wars he was a part of, but Wolverine has never needed one before and giving him one is nothing more than fabricated "shocking" moment. As a trained samurai there are many weapons, both short and long range, that Wolverine could utilize that would fit the character better and show both a progression forward and a nod to the past.

The Bottom Line

Wolverine #1 tries to shock you with many "oh no he didn't" moments but they all fall very flat. We have seen Wolverine use guns before, we have seen Wolverine cut loose and do terrible things for the greater good, and we have seen Wolverine turn his back on his friends to figure out a personal problem on his own several times. There is very little that is new or truly must read in this issue aside from Wolverine has no healing factor, but even that is not a true factor as no one believes he will die or become cripple during this series. Unless you are a die hard Wolverine fan I suggest you skip this one.

2.0 / 5
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Wolverine #1
Released February 5, 2014
Writer Paul Cornell
Artist Ryan Stegman
Cover Artist Ryan Stegman

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