Uncanny X-force #17 Review

by @Comic_Star on Jan 31, 2014

Cable's last stand with Stryfe!

The Good

The plot up to this issue was told in Cable and X-Force #19. Cable was warped to where Stryfe is holding Bishop and Hope. Cable himself is now being held by Stryfe, and Stryfe is Cables all-time nemesis.

I did say in a previous review, I wished this story arch had not been a crossover event. The entire 4-part series was a little confusing. I feel now this worked well, however, it was still a confusing crossover.

It appears there is no more hope for the two teams of X-Force. These two teams have been fighting with each other over differences. Now they must change paths and work with each other to save their group leaders. With Hope, Bishop, and now Cable all imprisoned by Stryfe there is a sense of urgency. Stryfe has asked Hope to go against everything Cable has taught her and murder Bishop in cold blood.

As Cable is locked away, Stryfe has forced him to watch as Hope stabs Bishop.

The story carries out great excitement. The reader is able to understand this issue even without reading the entire arch. As this is the final chapter, it may be best to go back and read the first 3 parts. The plot line is somewhat confusing, but this issue is action packed,and filled with great art pages. The villain Stryfe and his story are excellent!

If you can find this issue along with other Vendetta parts 1,2, and 3 you will be excited to read it all the way through in one sitting!

The Not So Good

This is a final chapter to what could be a very confusing story arch/crossover event for readers. It features many characters from the two series, and this I find somewhat overwhelming. The beginning starts off very fast and it holds this excitement until the last few pages. This issue does lack some needed backstory, and the entire Vendetta story could have been better told. I am going to be reviewing the new X-Force title releasing next month, stay tuned for this.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this issue was exciting and the entire story was played out well. I still do disagree with the publisher's decision on making this a crossover event. The Uncanny X-Force series was not my favorite, and this Vendetta plot would have worked best with the Cable and X-Force series only. The villain Stryfe is portrayed well, but the other character's can be difficult to understand. I do recommend this issue to anyone who liked Messiah Complex several years ago. I feel like both of the Series need a new start and with the

X-Force relaunch it should be a fresh look for readers. This issue gets an above average score, but less than perfect overall.

3.2 / 5
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Uncanny X-force #17
Released January 29, 2014
Writer Sam Humphries
Artist Harvey Tolibao
Cover Artist Ramon K. Perez

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