The Walking Dead #120 Review

by @mikebiyad on Jan 22, 2014

Negan attacks Rick and his survivors, how will they fare?

The Good

Everyone always says that the best part of The Walking Dead is that you never know when a character is going to die. This has become something that Kirkman gets to toy with, especially with it being in one hundred and twenty issues. It seems like that is no longer the only fear a reader gets, but it's also the scare that someone is dead, but may not be after all. In this issue we get a few death scares, mixed in with all the action. This time around Negan attacks and it doesn't look good. It's very fast paced and filled with action, and once again shows that All Out War isn't losing its touch.

The art in this book is once again great as well. It seems like just about every issue has had either a one, or two page splash right around the middle, so all of us readers can feast our eyes upon the wonderful art of Charlie Adlard. With All Out War only being half way through, and having been so amazing thus far, I can only be excited for whats next.

The Not So Good

Although I do believe the book was set up perfectly, I think that once again there could have been a bit more content within the pages. Most of the book is told through pictures, however this is not so bad since we are seeing an action scene and it is drawn by Charlie Adlard, so who's really complaining?

The Bottom Line

Now that All Out War has reached it's half way point, I'm almost certain there should be no worries for the future of The Walking Dead. For a series that has been going on for such a long time, I think that Kirkman and Adlard are both keeping the story interesting and fresh. I'm giving The Walking Dead #120 a 4.8/5

4.8 / 5
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The Walking Dead #120
Released January 22, 2014
Writer Robert Kirkman
Artist Charlie Adlard
Cover Artist Charlie Adlard

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