Deadly Class #1 Review

by @mikebiyad on Jan 22, 2014

A new book on Image's robust roster that shows much promise

The Good

I wasn't a big fan of Remender's work on Black Science, so when going into Deadly Class I was a bit skeptical. Thankfully this book, although it is not perfect, shows some promise, and may turn into a great series for Image. The first issue basically walks you through the main character, Marcus' backstory. You learn that he is young, homeless, and lost his family. This is good, as long as the next issue goes head first into the story that is trying to be told. The story progresses quite nicely, and is not very hard to follow.

The art in this book is interesting and different. It's not that I was overly crazy about it, however it's not anything to complain about either. I did like the use of colors throughout the book.

The Not So Good

I do feel as though this book was a bit dull. At some points the writing seemed a bit cheesy, and not sincere. I would have liked to know a little bit more about why Marcus left the school he was at to go live on the streets. It also would have been nice to learn more about the school he's going to be attending now and to learn more about the group of people who helped bring him to this secret school. Instead there are many questions left that I would have liked to see answered in this first issue.

The Bottom Line

If you're a fan of Remender's work then I do suggest picking up this book. It is a nice read, and although it was lacking a bit, It was enjoyable from start to finish. I think that a great story can be told as more issues become released, and I hope that my expectations can be met. I'm giving Deadly Class a 3.4/5

3.4 / 5
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Deadly Class #1
Released January 22, 2014
Writer Rick Remender
Artist Wesley Craig
Cover Artist Wesley Craig

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