Noir #1 Review

by @octii_pies on Nov 14, 2013

A hired thief who wants to take back what she stole. Simple enough, right? Unless- there’s more to this prize than meets the eye?

The Good

Cranston/The Shadow has a lot of interesting inner dialogue woven into solitary scenes and conversations he has with Black Sparrow alongside others. It gives the reader a visible narrator who is taking part in the story that unfolds. On its own, that does make for good immersion. Accenting this is an art style echo-ing the 1990’s Batman Animated Series. In some ways I really like it, an air of mystery and allure, of living on the wrong side of the tracks, even. The fabrics behave properly, the female figures are physically possible, and characters have distinctive facial structures down to the jaws. The action scenes are especially fun with bright gunshots made by various firearms rather than several generic handguns.

The Not So Good

So, the art style definitely underlined the sense of mystery, as I said before. The story itself? Not so much. I don’t really care where the characters go from the end of this issue. In fact, The Shadow was basically the main character even though the actual series is supposed to be between Miss Fury and Black Sparrow. They meet in the end, true, which makes sense, but I don’t care. I didn’t need a huge build up or embellishment on their meeting, but to just have her drop in out of nowhere in a situation I was already bored by? Not likely to want to know what’s going to happen next…

The Bottom Line

You’ll probably like this series if you like boobs and skin tight outfits. You probably won’t feel very fulfilled after reading this issue. The storyline feels more like a 2nd or 3rd draft rather than a final product. I might read the next issue out of curiosity and to actually see Miss Fury and Black Sparrow properly interact, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe for the next issue’s release.

2.0 / 5
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Noir #1
Released November 13, 2013
Writer Victor Gischler
Artist Andrea Mutti
Cover Artist Ardian Syaf

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