Thor God Of Thunder #17 Review

Thor takes on Malekith in the epic finale to Accursed.

The Good

This is how comic arcs should end, with action, emotion, questions answered, and a little bit of mystery to want you coming back for more. Although this comic will be compared to the finale of the Gorr arc, this one stands as the better one for me due to the consistent story telling and appreciation of the characters histories. What Malekith lacks in Gorr's sheer awesomeness, he more than makes up with his rich history and use of cunning. Speaking of Malekith, his appearance in this arc may coincide with Thor the Dark World, but this issue is no movie tie-in. He stands tall as a villain worthy of Thor and every bit the polar opposite of Thor that Loki is portrayed as. The art inside is mostly good although it manages to capture every epic moment quite nicely.

The Not So Good

The cover is a huge disappointment. This epic conclusion to a great story arc really deserves something much better than what it received. What we received b the way was a cover that almost seems to phone it in. As I said, the art is mostly good, but when it is bad it is pretty bad. The fact that we had two artist and two colorist means I am not sure who to blame for this bad art, but whoever is responsible should be sent packing in my opinion.

The Bottom Line

This issue ends a fantastic arc in a huge way. Questions are answered in both a logical and satisfying manner that I am hesitant to go into more detail for fear of spoiling the revelations. The tease for future issue is very intriguing and I already have the next issue on pre-order at my local comic shop. As long as you are willing to overlook the inconsistent art and focus on the story, this will be a great read and one that you will want to re-read several times over in anticipation of the next issue. Buy this comic ASAP.

4.0 / 5
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Thor God Of Thunder #17
Released January 15, 2014
Writer Jason Aaron
Artist Ron Garney
Cover Artist Esad Ribic

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