Night Of Living Deadpool #1 Review

Deadpool comes face to face with the zombie apocalypse...nuff said!

The Good

It has Deadpool and it has zombies, what is there not to love? Actually, there is a but to not love but I'll save that for the Not So Good section. Wait did I just break the fourth wall in a Deadpool comic review? Anyway,except for a few flashback scenes and Deadpool himself retaining his red coloring, this issue is mostly in black and white and it works wonderfully! The feeling of isolation the coloring give the book adds a layer to the zombie survivor genre that it has been missing and I wouldn't be surprised to see this technique used in a movie very soon. The art in this book is top notch, with every city block given a sense of grandeur and emptiness.

The Not So Good

Deadpool's proclivity to talk to himself can be very funny and entertaining when handled correctly however, that is not the case here. His one liners and quips mostly fall flat. You may smirk at a line or two, but that is pretty much it. The story and cover art are both homages to classic zombie movies, but they almost cross the line between homage and rip off which is never a good thing. Zombies have been done quite a bit lately, Marvel Zombies series 1 - 4, The Walking Dead, Call of Duty Zombies, so seeing them here is not the big deal it would have been five years ago.

The Bottom Line

If you love Deadpool or zombies or both then this book is for you! It remains to be seen if this is Marvel's main Earth or another universe which is more likely, but either way I expect Deadpool to run into a few familiar faces before the series ends. The unique aspect of the zombies in this book, and no I won't tell you what that is, is very intriguing and I hope they actually utilize it and not regulate it to a one off joke now and again. Night of the Living Deadpool may not be an original concept, it may not be innovative, but it is fun. I recommend it, just not too highly.

3.0 / 5
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Night Of Living Deadpool #1
Released January 15, 2014
Writer Cullen Bunn
Artist Ramon Rosanas
Cover Artist Jay Shaw

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