Nova #12 Review

by @Comic_Star on Jan 16, 2014

New Nova! Sam Alexander's adventures continue in this exciting issue.

The Good

I have enjoyed this Nova series all the way through to this current issue. Sam Alexander is a 15 year old from a small town in Arizona. Previous issues have followed Sam on his epic adventures. This issue hits the ground running. Sam's Nova helmet has guided him around the galaxy to find the helmets of fallen Novas. Sam finds a ship in the Melovian galaxy. On this ship is a man who goes by the name Cadivan, he is in possession of a Nova helmet. Without spoiling the issue, I can only say that the next part is not what it appears to be.

Sam's story so far has encompassed all of the parts needed to be a great series. This is one of my favorite titles from Marvel's NOW! launch in 2013. I feel that a lot of readers slept on this series. Like Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man. Sam's story also feature parts of him growing up and maturing into an adult. I find this to be necessary for a story like this. Sam is new to the Nova Corps he has a lot to learn. He also must not abandon his family. These parts may seem cheesy to some readers, to me this is heartwarming. The reader can connect to Sam easy , I think that's why I love it.

The Not So Good

On the "not so good" side I really don't find any things I dislike. Other reviews may lead you to believe the art is childish or cartoonish. I don't see this as a bad thing, sometimes I think it is better for comic art to lack the realism seen with other titles. It is a great story to read. It is the series I look forward to every month.

The Bottom Line

This issue is great! This issue stays on point and does good at keeping the reader interest. Again, Nova did not disappoint. If you are new to comics or want to try giving Nova a chance, start with this issue! Although this is not an absolutely epic issue, it still has a great story to follow. Readers of this series will be introduced to some new characters. This issue is good at delivering something new. I can only hope it keeps this pace for future issues.

4.0 / 5
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Nova #12
Released January 15, 2014
Writer Gerry Duggan
Artist Paco Medina
Cover Artist Ed McGuinness

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