Inhumanity Spider-man #1 Review

by @mikebiyad on Jan 15, 2014

An event tie-in that's not so bad

The Good

Often time's we get event tie-ins that are often useless and do not do much justice for the main event book, or the character in questions. This is not to say that Inhumanity: Spider-man was a much needed book, however there may be a few things from this issue that can carry on in both Inhumanity, and The Superior Spiderman. Starting off the book does a great job at letting the reader know what exactly is going on in both The Superior Spiderman, and Inhumanity. It's easy for someone who either has been following The Superior Spiderman, and wants some more Spidey books to read, or for that reader who wants to check off every box on the Inhumanity check list. This is a good thing, mainly due to the fact that many event tie-ins don't really explain everything to you in a way that is enjoyable to read.

The story isn't anything to go crazy over, although it would be cool to see more of Spiderman in Inhumanity as it goes on. More importantly, I was a bit more excited to see if Spiderman will be using the Inhuman tech to create different things for both Spiderman and Peter Parker. Hopefully Dan Slott takes a look at this book, and is able to use some of what has happened in his on-going Superior Spiderman.

The writing in the book is not bad, and gives the reader a nice easy read, along with a story that wraps up quite well. It was nice to see The Superior Spiderman give someone else the title of "Superior", and after you finish reading this you'll understand what I mean.

The Not So Good

Although we get a nice, easy to read story, the art just doesn't cut it for me. That's not to say that we are getting a book filled with terrible, thoughtless art, however I do believe that there is not much attention to detail, which I've really enjoyed in our normal on-going Superior Spiderman book. Even the full-page splash we get right around the middle was a disappointment.

I do also fear that this book will really do nothing to further either The Superior Spiderman, or Inhumanity, however this is something that all of us readers just have to wait out, and see in the coming months.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we get a decent book that is easy to read, with a fun little story that won't disappoint most readers. Although this book may have just been a way for Marvel to make some more money off of an event, we can hope that it does play a small part in the coming months. I'm giving Inhumanity: Spiderman a 3.2/5

3.2 / 5
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Inhumanity Spider-man #1
Released January 15, 2014
Writer Christos N. Gage
Artist Richard Elson
Cover Artist Jeff Dekal

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