Sex Criminals #4 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Jan 16, 2014

Suzie and Jon finally did it! Not that, you pervs. They’ve been doing that non-stop for four issues. They robbed the bank and now the long-teased “Sex police” are here to screw with them. Puns all intended.

The Good

Sex police. We finally get a glimpse at the workings of the sex police and it’s better than I hoped. Now this book really does have everything because the sex police are vigilantes out to stop people just like Suzie and Jon from doing exactly what they’re doing. This series is absurd in the best possible way.

Fraction put way more thought into the practical planning of Suzie and Jon’s bank robbery then I think anyone reading this book could have ever asked for and it shows. We’re treated to an ocean’s 11-esq series of training missions as they prepare for the big score. Poor Cumworld of course falls victim to more of Jon’s high jinks in the name of preparation.

The Not So Good

We are treated to more of Suzie’s flashbacks. In this issue we flashback to college and how Suzie got back at the star athlete who hurt her friend. It’s a short vengeance tale and on top of being fairly unremarkable, she uses her powers to plant drugs on him and get him kicked off the team, it really has no bearing on what’s happening now. The Flashbacks are serving less and less of an essential function the further the series progresses and I’m ready for Fraction to let the past be the past. There is so much more interesting things happening in these characters’ lives as a result of them meeting, making what they did before of little interest by comparison. Beyond that, the flashbacks are hitting the same note each time, which is just another reason to phase them out future issues.

The Bottom Line

Sex Criminals 4 did exactly what this issue needed to do. It focused on Jon and Suzie’s new foil, giving us enough detail about them to entice us but still keeping them mysterious. I really believe in Fraction’s ability to tell a good story, that being said I’m still going to bemoan his flashbacks. But at the end of the day it is a stylistic choice to pace the story that way and blend character history with current action. And my critiques to that end serve less to highlight a failure on his part so much as impatience for story development, on mine.

4.0 / 5
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Sex Criminals #4
Released December 11, 2013
Writer Matt Fraction
Artist Chip Zdarsky
Cover Artist Chip Zdarsky

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