Rocket Girl #3 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Jan 11, 2014

Teenage detective travels back to 1986 to stop events that led to a corporation, Quantum Mechanics, from controlling the future.

The Good

Rocket Girl is always such a visual pleasure and issue three is no exception. The color work is just outstanding. Rocket Girl is a cop story, of sorts, and the heavy use of bright red and blue serve as a reminder of that. Overuse of primary colors runs the risk of flattening the art but that’s not the case here. The primary colors are used as a cue for exciting action and they’re inclusion in the book injects life into the dreary New York of 1986.

The Not So Good

I’ve always held to the belief that, “Story is King,” for that reason I found issue three of Rocket Girl to be disappointing. Issue two ended with our heroine, DaYung, finally being captured after managing to evade arrest by the NYPD of 1986. Come issue three, she escapes custody in a matter of pages. Then we are given a flashback (to the future) involving her ex-partner and a glimpse of the beating she took at the hands of Quantum Mechanics’ henchmen, right before traveling back in time. It finishes up with DaYung returning to the apartment of the Quantum Mechanics scientists she first met and having her jetpack and gear returned. Effectively placing her in the same position she was near the end of issue two. On the last page we do see more Quantum Mechanic goons, from the future, outside the apartment window with intentions of finishing off DaYung but this could have happened at the end of issue two making issue three feel like pointless filler.

The Bottom Line

Despite the latest issue, I still like the series. I do have enough faith in this team to believe what they’re showing us in the flashbacks will be important, but for being so early in the series I think there is too much focus on seeding ideas for later than making the issues interesting on their own.

3.0 / 5
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Rocket Girl #3
Released January 1, 2014
Writer Brandon Montclare
Artist Amy Reeder
Cover Artist Amy Reeder

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