Sheltered #6 Review

by @DocBenway on Jan 9, 2014

Outsiders arrive at Safe Haven letting readers in on Lucas’s farce but will the other residents figure it out? Have they become more rabid than their leader?

The Good

Building suspense is an art. The previous issue of Sheltered closed with the children of Safe Haven making their first encounter with the outside world. I’m sure many readers couldn’t wait to see the details of this encounter. Brisson paused and spent a solid 2/3 of the book providing backstory on why the truck had arrived. This served to add to the tension as we waited for the outcome of this meeting as well as demonstrating that the rest of civilization was still functioning. It is quite impressive that Brisson has taken the time to show this to us rather than relying on narration to communicate it. We’re also treated to a bit of a plot twist. The final pages demonstrate that although Lucas is certainly misguided (possibly a psychopath) he may to have done a little too good a job with his indoctrination. I’m always left wishing there were more pages to read in this book every month so we could see more events play out. This either means that I’m incredibly impatient or Brisson and team have figured a way to make sure this title is always on the top of my “to read” pile.

The Not So Good

I’m not sure what happened this month when Jonne Christmas put pen to paper. All the reoccurring characters and several of the new supporting add-ons look fine, but Cliff, Nathan and Cliff’s wife look like their heads are too big for their bodies. Is this a case of some sloppy linework over Photoshop’d pics of friends and family? It doesn’t happen in every panel, but enough of them that it was a bit distracting.

The Bottom Line

Last month I hoped that Brisson and company would let us in on the secret and they have to some degree. The obvious question that emerges from this reveal is how Lucas will explain, exploit or bury the event. Even more interesting is the question of whether or not he can maintain control of his compatriots.

4.0 / 5
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Sheltered #6
Released January 8, 2014
Writer Ed Brisson
Artist John Christmas
Cover Artist John Christmas

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