Avengers World #1 Review

They have vowed to protect the entire planet, but can the Avengers actually fulfill that promise?

The Good

Hot off the heel of the Marvel Comics Infinity event, Avengers World #1 has the team trying to keep their vow to protect the entire planet and not just New York City and the USA. This is a great concept, and one that is handled exceptionally well in this first issue. With one exception, the "teams" that are assigned to various hot spots around the globe all have at least one popular character in order to keep the fans interested in that teams antics. This will allow less popular characters to get more screen time, while still insuring fans that their favorites will be involved.

The art in the book is nothing to right home about, but it is far from terrible. Really, there just isn't a particular scene or panel that sticks out in my mind as awesome nor is there one that cries out horrible. Speaking of good versus bad art, if you have a choice between the wrap around cover and the standard version, get the wrap around cover. The standard version seems so subdued and as if the heroes were all drawn separately and then added to the cover to create a group shot, like bad CGI really.

The Not So Good

As I stated above, the standard cover looks like really bad CGI work. None of the characters seem to be part of the same drawing, but rather several pictures cut and pasted on to a generic sky background. For a book about a group of Avengers saving the entire globe this cover is about as generic and uninspired as you can get. In fact, if I was unsure about buying this book this cover alone would not convince me that this is a must read. Another thing that bothered me about this book was it seemed like the situation that called for the top tier heroes and would cause the least amount of international politics was given to the least capable Avengers. I suspect a rescue arc is set for the near future, which is a shame since these are supposed to be the Avengers and they shouldn't need rescuing.

The Bottom Line

Turning the Avengers into some sort of superhero U. N. is a neat concept, but it has been tried before with mixed success. The addition of characters like Sabra, El Aguila, and Arabian Knight to the Marvel Universe is one such attempt, while the Hulk's globe trotting as part of The Pantheon was another. Each one failed because fans want familiar characters and places in order to connect with the comic they are reading, so I hope Avengers World has learned from these past mistakes or else it too will be just another flop that the Marvel Universe will quickly forget. There is a lot of set up in this book and I doubt we will have such a large cast featured every issue. Instead, the Avengers World book will probably feature a rotating roster of "teams" that will have lots of hits as well as misses and very little need to buy each issue if you don't like a particular "team." With that said, unless you are a huge Avengers mark, or just curious to see if I was off the mark on my assessment of the book then you may want to check this one out. For the rest of you, I would skip this title until it features a "team" that you really want to see. Personally, I can't wait for Hyperion to get a larger role and become the true Superman of the Marvel Universe.

2.5 / 5
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Avengers World #1
Released January 8, 2014
Writer Jonathan Hickman
Artist Stefano Caselli
Cover Artist John Cassaday

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